Google official information about Google optimization

Following the following guidelines will help Google to find, retrieve your site and rank it, which is ensured at GoogleThe best way to

Some of the banned behavior

all partner site search results are no longer displayed the site.

The design and content of

Web Guide

website with hierarchical structure and clear text links. Each page should be open to at least one static text link.

provide a site map for the user, and lists the important position of the link to the site. If the link on the site map is more than about 100

, it is best to break the site map into multiple pages.

website should have practical application and abundant information, "the text should be clear and accurate expression to convey the content.

to consider that the user will use what keywords to search your web page, ensure that the website contains these words.

Ensure that the TITLE and ALT

tag text simple and related web content. Check whether the link is broken, HTML format is correct.

if using dynamic pages (i.e. the URL contains "? " character), please note that not every search engine included in Spider dynamic web pages can be as easy as a collection of static pages. Shortening the length of the parameters and reducing the number of parameters will help to include dynamic web pages. Limit the number of links per page to a reasonable range (less than 100).

Technology Guide

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