Your success should first learn how to break from 0 to 1

many people do Wangzhuan are from the post code, have also participated in the registration, survey and so on, these Wangzhuan can only be that the entry stage, if you learn these Wangzhuan form, that is not to say that the success of this Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, most can make Internet access fees, living expenses are not even spare time, practice is OK, if you want to Wangzhuan success, it would have to have their own profits, have their own Wangzhuan base, that is to learn to do, and learn to find operating profit point, the only way to truly successful Wangzhuan master! But before becoming a master, the we must learn to change from 0 to 1, which is how to create a new


: domain name space, and find a free program website set up for people, it is best to use the website system is Dede, installed after a good fix the website basically, the quality of space better, don’t open the super slow speed, it is easy to be black, novice website as long as the 100M

space is enough!

two: good website will start to site position, want to rely on what profit, profit for the novice, the best way is nothing more than selling products, and the advertising alliance is not recommended to do, on the one hand needs a lot of traffic can be transformed into a good profit, the best way to sell some of their profits high profits products, that is not much traffic, but also to get some profit


three: site selection of products is good, the rest of the nature is the promotion, in fact as long as we did play yards Wangzhuan, did the survey Wangzhuan, done to pull off the assembly line website, will know QQ group, then we can use QQ group to carry out precision marketing, to find suitable for their own products and website the positioning of the QQ group promotion, even every day, not a few people can also get one or two orders, if the product is profiteering, even for a week or two orders, it is enough for us to inspire joy! Of course we can also read some Forum promotion, promotion write text, through learning and understanding. Find a variety of ways and promotion resources, prepare for the future growth of


when I had the first website income, it realizes the transformation from 0 to 1, and then you will have great motivation to learn about the SEO skills, you also dare to invest on their own, such as someone to design a website, or modify the template and so on, through this continuous improvement their operation level of the site, slowly you can become a successful webmaster, natural Wangzhuan are due to the success of


everything is hard in the beginning, the transformation from 0 to 1, that is given to you from 1 to 100, and this time will be shorter, because have confidence, have confidence that what are! So for the novice Wangzhuan, the most important thing is to find the confidence, from 0 change to the 1 best! The source: increased drug list original, A5 >

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