Venture star interview (4) look not profitable

editor’s note: 2013 Chinese Internet entrepreneurs Conference ( will be officially opened in May this year, before the official opening of the general assembly, TechWeb and Discuz! Entrepreneurs Conference Organizing Committee jointly launched "mobile venture star" series of interviews, show the mobile Internet goers style.


I look at COO Chen Hongzhou

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life utility class APP I look up COO Chen Hongzhou said in an interview, I do not look at the beginning of the profit, the team is still focused on creating products. 2013 I look to focus on the quality of the security function.

I look up on 2010 formally launched, through the user’s mobile phone to scan the commodity bar code to quickly get the same price of the major supermarkets and online shopping mall, to achieve parity function. Chen Hongzhou said, I look up to build a credible information platform, which includes the core features of parity, quality and access to information.

It is reported that

, now has more than 8 million kinds of top grade I check the information, business and price data covering 32 provinces and cities (including Hong Kong). Chen Hongzhou said, I look at the main database from the Internet, such as online channel search, business collaboration data docking, offline manual scanning collection, user error correction and other ways to upload.

for me to look at the development plan in 2013, Chen Hongzhou revealed that in 2013 will further enrich and improve the database, optimize the parity experience. On the other hand, we will focus on the quality of security than the quality of the function, so that users away from product safety hazards.

I look up on the profitability of the situation, Chen Hongzhou admits: I’m not yet started to profit." But he also stressed that there is a good product to retain users, but also the possibility of further profitability. I look up the main energy is still on the product. In the early days, should be more concerned about the practicality of App itself and the user experience. (Ning Meng)

following questions and answers record:

asked: How did you think of the bar code scanning such a product?

Chen Hongzhou: "the maximum value, the most consumer economy" is the core needs of consumers. Based on this core needs, I look up the development team has produced a mobile phone scan code to get price information, build a credible information platform concept. Its core features include parity, quality and access to information. Users can use Qinjianchijia I look up, quickly find their desire to buy goods in the shop and the store price situation. I look at the quality inspection department issued by the quality inspection information development of the exposure bar function, the first time to inform users of substandard goods. At the same time, based on the LBS technology, I look at the development of targeted

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