My entrepreneurial path mad in the chase, silent as a lamb


those who always talk about entrepreneurship, usually the lack of ability to act, they are just mouth addiction. About seven years ago, I was the kind of person who likes to be addicted to the mouth.


, experienced the cruel reality of entrepreneurship, in ashes to ashes, retreated to the workplace, learn to silence. The silence of seven years, from the beginning of time and all the minor details.

a few months ago, due to various accidents, I quit my job, start a business. Someone asked, what is the feeling of entrepreneurship, when the boss is very cool? Your childhood, a mad dog is chasing, ass to bite it? If not, you will never know what it feels like to run, it can not understand, in the startup when the boss I dare to stop.

since the start, non-stop running, ran down, fell from the side ran, dare to stop. I think, God is on our side, not only the mad dog don’t bite ass, we also ran a thought road –

who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to develop into a company the size of dozens of people? Who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to provide services for thousands of companies? Who wanted to, just a few months, we will be able to accumulated profits? Who wanted only for a few months, we can put a company tens of millions of valuation? Of course, nevertheless, the mad dog was chasing behind, or to bite the ass. So we’re still running.

you may be a little curious about what we’re doing. Simply put, to help traditional companies to expand their business in the mobile Internet, the use of tools is now the hottest WeChat. This is essentially a service, is the integration of the entire team for many years to provide professional services experience.

this venture, is the inevitable formation of many times.

time to pull back to the beginning of the year, when micro-blog has not cool. Then a few days, when the brush micro-blog, micro-blog could see from time to time in the micro signal @Fenng recommend a hearsay, then crept on. Probably many years of technical work to develop the habit, there will be some want to understand the mood of new things, so we have carefully studied and found not only for public services, also found that he provides a developer mode. Code farmers understand that this is for us to prepare the broad road ah, I like this for many years, also maintain code writing code used, too interesting. Quickly put the interface to understand, debug through, and easily put the rules of the simulation of the problem into a irrigation, and then random simulation, not happy.

then I think, although the code is concerned, there is a developer interface is enough, but the code is a few, there are a lot of rich handsome, white Formica what, let them get developers interface, too Bo Tim Tin Mat. If >

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