Google AdSense advertising management features launched

last week we have to inform you that we will continue to launch " advertising management function " and now we are pleased to inform you that, now, we have begun to roll out this feature. Some publishers should have been able to



map for the background screenshot

see the link in this account. Other publishers will also see this feature in the account. Here are the answers to questions you might have:

what are the steps to generate ad code?

The steps for

to generate ad code have not changed at all, but in the last step you will be asked to name the generated ad unit.

Why did

name the ad unit


in the advertising management function, each ad unit has a name and ID, so that you can remember the ad unit and can be in the " management ad " page directly modified. It is recommended that you use as much information as possible, such as the size, location, domain name, etc..

is the old ad unit on my website still working?

all of the ad units that you used to generate are still valid, but they will not be automatically added to the ad management feature, you need to import ad code and save settings to add them in.

why did I add a new ad unit on the site but didn’t show it?

after you add the ad unit, our server needs to save the settings for the ad unit, so the ad will start in about 10 minutes. You can use the preview function to view the web page before the presentation.

I’m in " manage ad " the page has changed the ad unit, but the site has not changed, why?

similarly, the server needs time to save the new ad settings, so the changes will take effect in about 10 minutes.

how to manage ad " in " page modify ad size?

the current advertising management function can not modify the size of the advertising unit, to modify the size you need through the " access to advertising " page to generate advertising code.

how to remove ad unit from " manage ad " page?

is still unable to remove the advertising unit from the advertising management function, which is to prevent publishers inadvertently put the advertising unit is mistakenly deleted. However, all ads that have not been displayed for 7 days will be " invalid " and

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