Analysis of the product line in the local website

Hello everyone, I am grassroots brother, the content of this period we will analyze the local site entrepreneurship. We know that the local O2O has become the new trend of entrepreneurship, as a local site, we will position our products into new local media, reduce local people’s consumption cost is our mission, only in this way, I can have enough space and reason to survive, the grassroots will brother and we explore a complete implementation of the program, can be said to be a virtual scheme about grassroots brother, for your reference, I hope you more criticism.

on the overall idea

to change the cost of consumption of local people is our mission, but also the purpose of our business process. So the next question we have to think about is how we can change the cost of our local people. In addition, the carrier of our products should be attached to what kind of? Naturally, intelligent mobile phone and computer have been popular, especially the intelligent mobile phone, some people will use smart mobile phone, but does not use the computer, OK, if conditions permit, we can also build WEB and mobile phone client, but in comparison, grassroots brother still think that mobile phone client is more important and have a brilliant future.

back to the core question, how do we change the cost of consumption of local people?. Local O2O, buy should advance. In addition we can provide in the local group purchase, social news, recruitment and other services, but in accordance with the grassroots brother thought, social and group purchase is the two most important point, because the local people just need to group purchase, directly from the front lower local residents and social costs, can be a local bond it can transmit more information to local residents more convenient, in other words, they will be around for deep processing. In addition, the community can also provide a convenient platform for local artillery, well, grassroots brother evil, but it is just need.

idea of finishing here, the children must have some heart bottom. Naturally, in grassroots brother seems that we are the best entry point is social and buy, as we choose what kind of entry point, depending on the actual situation of our. If you have a good grasp of the local business negotiations, then the group purchase as the starting point is the best way, this can save a lot of time for operation, you know, the local community operation difficulty is much more difficult than group purchase.

some chaos, we sort out, that is, to social or group purchase as a starting point, after the successful breakthrough, we can focus on the group purchase and social launch of other local services, such as recruitment, news and so on, as far as the carrier, is nothing more than the WEB side and intelligent mobile phone carrier, related to our product design aspects the next part, we analyze the product and carrier.

on carrier and product design

and say WEB end. Social services we can consider using Notepad dog or Think>

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