Discussion on the standardization of network advertising specifications

Since October 1994 the United States

hotline website (hot wired) since the beginning of the first case of the Internet network advertisement, network advertisement has become the main source of income of many sites, but also led to the development and innovation of network advertising, network advertising forms, technology, people’s acceptance, the market has greatly improved. Many websites have launched different specifications of large (huge) recent network advertisement, network advertisement size became the focus of attention of the problem.

The background of

network advertising specification standardization

December 1996 U.S. Internet Advertising Federation (Internet Advertising, Bureau, IAB) and Information & entertainment advertising alliance (Coalition for Advertising Supported Information& Entertainment, CASIE) jointly announced the 9 network advertisement size standards, hope the net station. After several efforts, the Newspaper Association of America (Newspaper Association of America, NAA) officially released online advertising standard size in January 24, 1997, this is the first time the standard specification size of network advertising, network advertising is now widely adopted according to the specifications of the standard to define the.

network advertising Standard Specification

here the network advertising Standard Specification refers to the IAB two times the size of the network advertising.

(pixels) name

468 x 60 (banner banner ads)

392 x 72 /

234 x 60

125 x 125 semi ad square button


120 60 x two

88 x button 31 small press >

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