nternet entrepreneurs how to find their own competitive advantage

large portal or personal blog or, no matter what the size of the building site, want to have as many visitors. In a certain number of users in the basic stability of the industry or field, only the positive and peer competition, to get more visitors. Therefore, the analysis of their competitive advantage, the advantages of their own site planning is the first step in the Internet business.

regardless of the individual or the enterprise, has its own unique ability, but many people, and even most of the enterprises, have not been able to use their own ability. This article will lead you through the VRIO model to carry out a scientific analysis of their advantages.

VRIO model is put forward in 1991, Jayne · Barney, four key points in the model: value (value), scarce, difficult to imitate (rarity) (inimitability) and organization (organization).

first of all, we have all the resources and capabilities, it is best to have some connection with the website we want to build. For example: product price advantage, service advantage, professional skills, etc.. After we finished listing, started by analysis, find out the most should focus on mining part.


value: the first thing to consider is that these capabilities are not helpful for our competition. The judgment is based on whether they can help us reduce costs, or bring us more traffic and income. For example: the products sold by the website are very advanced, but it can not reduce the cost, but also can not bring additional value to the user, it is worthless.

scarcity: you have the ability, peers also have, and can not form a competitive advantage, only as a necessary condition for survival. Only when the peers generally do not have the time, will bring competitive advantage. For example, a movie station, some people you have a movie, we have equal opportunities, but if you can release the latest blockbuster, the advantage is very obvious. In some industries, professional certification almost every enterprise has, which can only be regarded as the industry’s access threshold. However, in some industries, only a few companies have professional certification, then it will have a very big impact on the user, the formation of competitive advantage.

can not be copied: you have the ability and resources, although others do not have, but it is easy to imitate, it may be in the long-term competition, competitors are beyond. Internet entrepreneurs, should try to avoid doing completely relying on platform products, when you work so hard to promote their products out, may mean that there will soon be a strong opponent to start copying.

organization: when you find a valuable, scarce, difficult to imitate the ability, resources, we should consider the effective organization of human resources for its effective development. Here focus on their own short board, in which the disadvantages. For example

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