Station network the network to make money thinking

network make money a lot of money? Can, but are some money. There are a lot of people in this industry with Wangzhuan every month, earn more than 3000 of the vision and then, of which more than 50% are left with disappointment, of which there are 30% day stay income can not even arrived on electricity and network costs. Is it really so hard to make money online? In the end how to make money online?

Most of the

based online advertising to make money, make money is to sell advertising, website hook to make money to make money, one point is the direct sales of products, products, selling software, to provide services to make money. Online money and the real world there is no difference, in fact, to make money in the way, basically have to make money online mode. A lot of people in the real world can not earn a lot of money, they hope to make money on the Internet, it is wrong. Indeed, you can say a lot of people in reality is just a very ordinary person month income of less than 1000, but can be on the net monthly income of more than 3000 expert. In fact, they really should be in the real world, only 1000 of the income it is not, only so much income is that they did not choose the direction of their employment. Their own ability has been able to earn 3000 monthly level, so in order to succeed in the network.

I’ve been thinking about why I didn’t make a lot of money from the Internet, and after thinking about it a lot, I found out the following reasons.

1, yangaoshoudi. Very love to see what the latest Wangzhuan will try to look at, see SEO to find information, but never operation. Remember before a twin money game project, and I also see many projects are making money, and I just see but not to operate.

2, chaos. SEO popular learn SEO, this is very hot to hang Wangzhuan study method, tomorrow this amount of good color seduce go to see. Not a core Wangzhuan project, not a good plan is hard to success.

3, time allocation problem. Now in school, not a lot of time, a lot of time is scattered, so these days are wasted.

how much money you can make from the Internet is not just about time, but also about your experience and your thinking. What is the easiest way to make money from the Internet? It is to find the core project that suits you, then make a good plan and stick to it. For example, I am more familiar with the Taobao off the project, I should choose and analyze more keywords, and then do 10 Taobao site, adhere to do 3 months, I believe that the monthly income of 3000 is no problem.

and the Adsense project can be batch of cheating, do, even if K 1/3 is also very profitable, but Adsense cheating project every day time investment is very small, while operating above 10 accounts are no problem.

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