The nternet can not do, only unexpected – the third session of the video salon summary

      "the Internet did not do, only think of the third topic, because the Internet is not impossible, only unexpected, we adhere to the meeting held in October 4th, in time for the opportunity of China’s 56 anniversary, at the same time, we also take the time to participate in our meeting, Yue expensive here to National Day persist in tribute to friends, super late wish everyone a happy National day. We are third guests: Pang Shengdong, a multimillionaire, the original unified CEO, now the boss of 51.COM, and he brought us is his successful experience, and share his unique insights, discuss the process abnormal hot, Pang total patient one answered all the questions, said after the meeting satisfied with the meeting, and to exchange with everybody, learning together, the meeting has been the perfect ending, but now in my mind by the new memory, the following is part of the record, we are interested in meeting friends, give us suggestions.

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