Publicity and easy to work together with the PChome computer home for the Chinese owners refueling!

    "grow together with the China webmaster, come on for Chinese webmaster, holding the equality, cooperation, win-win mentality, from the fundamental interests of owners, individual owners attention Chinese future, attention Chinese Internet development, the whole process is profitable webmaster site to the site, to provide a full range of all in one service. The old domestic advertising alliance to promote the media to join hands with the PCHOME computer home, to build IT hero achievement program, welcome to join the webmaster.    

through the IT hero achievement program, PCHOME computer home to provide a powerful content services, more than 110 editors a day to update the articles and track the popular reports, every day there are more than 1 thousand articles on the original uninterrupted line. You can quickly enrich website content, website can quickly support all kinds of channel construction; rich content, can help you improve your website PV value;, can greatly increase the search engine index your website.

      propaganda media has been paying close attention to Chinese personal webmaster looking for all kinds of growth, is conducive to the development of China website cooperation opportunities, whether to establish a good and stable profit channel for Chinese personal website, or help personal website construction and promotion and so on, to provide owners interest. Range of attentive service, and China webmaster progress together, grow together. Through the cooperation with PCHOME computer home, to provide better resources for the Chinese webmaster, to provide a better environment for the growth of China’s webmaster.

    this activity related introduction:



propaganda media ( was formally established in October 2002, is a leading professional Internet advertising provider, in the Alexa world rankings to maintain a high position for a long time, with tens of thousands of members. The research for many years focused on Internet project operations, planning, promotion, marketing promotion, marketing; provide solutions and consulting online for China many Internet companies, the success of some famous enterprises of brand building and market development.

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