Dedicated to the small business friends some sincere words

many friends, small entrepreneurs in the Internet all day swim to swim. In the face of thousands of entrepreneurial information do not know how to start, I do not know how to make effective decisions. The reason is very simple, you do not have the most basic ability and comprehensive quality. Only know to see some of the success stories of others, failed to be deceived. On the surface you seem to increase the knowledge, increase the experience, not to mention it, the actual use of your business is not. Why is that, for example, the basic skills you do not have to go fishing, every light others caught many fish, wasting a lot of bait, instead of going down to practice basic skills, to your actual operation will not catch fish as bait, will waste.

small venture is the case, look at more successful cases, of course, can stimulate entrepreneurial passion, but entrepreneurs themselves are not lack of passion. For small entrepreneurs, more should be said – why others will succeed? Also have to learn the successful experience of sincerity, but throughout all current entrepreneurial success stories, or some wealthy, rich are success stories, or some of the theoretical talk, no significance for the small entrepreneurs. There are a number of small entrepreneurs for the reference of successful experience, can be an entrepreneurial project operation is not simple to tell you 1 plus 1 equals 2 so easy. The success of the project varies from person to person. A project, 99 people are successful, and can not represent your operation is also successful. If you do not have the basic skills, no matter how good the project will operate in your hands. So more friends chose to look for franchise projects. It is more dangerous to do so, the current China’s accession to the chain of confusion. The main League (engage in franchising companies) their quality are uneven in quality, with too many pure quanqian lie mixed in this project, we are repeatedly reminded early small business friends do not blindly introduce reason of franchising project. Therefore, I suggest that friends do not waste time to see the success of such a business case, I would like to see a lot of successful cases of friends who get what.

some friends said, do not look at the success of the case, I look at some of the lessons of failure should be useful, or not. It seems to be helpful for you to look at the comments, exposure and failure lessons you see every day. As the true extent of it itself is a problem, a spoof of the same industry, also has a project to join their mistake but put the blame on the master factors of project operation failure should be comprehensive, is not simply with a few losers a few words a good project to kill. Of course, do not rule out joining really fooled, which is our focus to say. We assume that users have failed to learn the lessons of the case are true, are the result of operational errors and deception, the more you see the more detrimental to you. Operational errors may be the fault of their own comprehensive factors, the same project the same operation in the A is successful in the B may be wrong. There is no reference value to your future operations, and sometimes even mislead your mind, see

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