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Beidou mobile phone network ( is Asia’s largest mobile e-commerce site, dedicated to the phone’s B2C and B2B services, providing comprehensive e-commerce services. Currently, the site registered users over one million, over 10 million views, Alexa ranked highest in the world 500th. 2005, B2C single month retail sales over fifty thousand units, B2B trading volume of tens of billions of transactions.

advertising model: CPS

data return form: real time

cookie validity: 90 days

settlement cycle: month end

custom link: support

online promotion:

1, Lenovo S70

Lenovo rookie 2.9 widescreen slide game mobile phone

market price: 1480 yuan promotional price: 1080

BANNER advertisement: Lenovo Mobile Phone rookie, high-end price big run! The big screen, stylish slide


advertising connection address:

2, Sony Ericsson W300C

high cost music fashion phone

market price: 1150 yuan promotional price: $799

BANNER advertising language: high cost Sony Ericsson fashion music phone 799 yuan unlimited grab!

advertising connection address:

3, SED A8

steel shell Dual SIM card dual standby dual Bluetooth dual subwoofer ultra long standby market price: 1280~1580 yuan

Beidou promotional price: 748 yuan

BANNER advertising language: dual sim dual standby dual Bluetooth, ultra long standby dual bass, one million pixels large screen handwriting, SED A8 phone crazy drop 500 yuan!

advertising link address:

background advertising has been added to the plaintiff, the majority of the site is welcome to support Beidou mobile phone network!


if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047


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