Poison understand the effect of marketing skills to earn the future network

effect marketing is the trend of development in the future, before the advent of the webmaster how to better grasp it?

today to visit PV.COM.CN CEO Xu Ling asked him to give us an introduction to the effect of marketing!

poison: Adsense network is poison


Xu Xu Ling

can you introduce yourself to each other,


poison: I am the webmaster network is poison

Xu: Hello Mr. Ding

I am ET PV marketing alliance CEO Xu Ling English Name: walter

nice to meet you,

poison: Xu total Hello, PV.COM.CN can give us a brief introduction to the situation

Xu: good

www.pv.com.cn PV marketing alliance, the new project is Hangzhou ete network technology limited company, some old products easy: easy advertising alliance, special joint report believe that people are very familiar with. Expo-plast had paid attention to the rapid development of electronic commerce in China market, so based on the existing network advertising products on the introduction of the PV marketing alliance, hoping to break through the existing traditional alliance mode, and the development of

in Chinese network marketing industry

virus: pv.com.cn launch to see your company’s transfer strategy, according to the effect of marketing, according to the effect of accounting is the development trend of the future, but why not have the www.ete.cn to have a certain reputation in the domestic site to carry out a new mode of business


Xu: as you say, www.ete.cn easy advertising alliance, is an early start in the domestic league, through a number of years in the country has a certain influence and visibility. Taking into account the traditional network alliance in the future for a long period of time, will still have a certain market, but the majority of the webmaster et alliance in the heart has left a deep impression of the traditional alliance, so we decided to keep the original characteristics of business continued alliance, set up a new team to the operation effect of marketing, and the original old the alliance does not conflict, but also play the role of complement and promote each other. This is also called advancing with the times

: for the effect of toxic marketing mode with the traditional alliance mode, according to the actual experience of you until now which do you think about the alliance itself has more benefits for the webmaster? Choose relatively before and how to


Xu: for the alliance itself, for a long time, the effect of marketing is certainly more potential.

The characteristics of traditional

alliance determines its customer source is only online advertisers, as we all know, China network company, or a few real money, so advertisers put source is relatively small, at the same time, the traditional alliance do CPC, CPM >

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