Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong electricity providers do not do entrepreneurs platform

today I feel the biggest change is our old acquaintance, is becoming more and more quickly, and put the tomatoes, the host is, today we go back to the first point of view is that the tomato door is definitely not a marketing, it is helpless.

I give you the first 08 years with the concept of today is definitely not the same, I believe a lot of friends in 08 years have suffered winter, 08 years after the financial crisis that you engage in R & D immediately someone asked for money? 09 years when we do 70 million many practitioners of advertising, sales of 10 million so the market crazy when I say the winter will come, because this is not the reason, the cold I can clearly tell you, even if the winter in the past will not be back before the industry crazy, I personally think that will continue for a long time, because this is not an industry out of the question also, the problem is not a country, but also a problem is not a region, the world is a problem, all sectors of the vast majority of industries are a problem, in addition to our Internet industry Outside, I see the world is really only the entire sales of our Internet industry is still relatively high growth. I hope that each of us can do a good job in the preparation of 3-5 years of winter, but also to hold the luck, after the winter, there are a lot of people give me money.

second is our entrepreneurs, if new entrants to the industry that we all entrepreneurs do not go the platform road, my point 4 years ago, if your customers are from Taobao, you are very sad, you can be a problem at any time, I suggest that we set the industry quickly. Or, find the flow or find the relationship or find resources or to take the platform of the road, to build their own platform, be able to use their flow, rather than relying on a platform to do this thing. At that time, this remark is very harsh, then did not go to get money to build their own platform, most of today I have been eliminated.

today, I do not recommend that we take the platform, why? You are a pioneer who has nothing, you want to build a platform to be honest is almost impossible, if the United States and Suning or can.

now the foreign trade exports, now the brand is doing the traditional trade, to the terminal consumers released this is right, this winter in the past after our traditional OEM orders are often not as crazy.

many traditional brands put up their decades of money that I want to do a clothing platform, I do a shoe platform and so on, and told me I’m going to throw a lot of money, I do not want to fight you, don’t do it, you are very dangerous to do so, you will have 99.99 probability you ten years, twenty years of accumulation of money all thrown into the water, if you take twenty million now, thirty million shots to the Internet platform, directly hit into the water, to a little chance, even entertainment once had no chance, you have no money and never come back.

third, never >

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