Former vice president of NetEase Yang Bin why people leave the media business advantage

I dark horse note: some time ago, an article on the media executives entrepreneurial venture reporter fly it? The former editor in chief of NetEase, has begun to dominate the entrepreneurial circle. Media executives to venture to become a concern of entrepreneurial groups.

fun to enjoy off off President Yang Bin, is a senior media practitioners ten years, former vice president of NetEase, editor, news editor. He co founded the "enjoy selling off", is to focus on the management of the business to provide sales of SaaS company. Fun to enjoy off off in July 1st this year announced by "NLVC" brought millions of dollars B round of financing investment, also announced that the service enterprise users exceeded 5 million.

sales off to enjoy the numerous founding team, are the basic corporate executives who, as media executives business, Yang Bin believes that his own advantage is: "to understand marketing, to understand human nature, understand the Internet culture", but the most important thing is not "entrepreneurial experience inherent in the experience, or you will die in your past achievements."

below is entrepreneur & I dark horse interview Yang Bin’s oral finishing:

I long ago to do a business experience exchange to the north, Marcks used a word to describe Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship as "Zhang Yongjiu bought a ticket and boarded a train Lieyong without end point".

the meaning of this sentence is, you may never know where is the end, you will always be in update very careful. It is said that there is a sentence behind Marcks: "death has nothing to do with him, and life is meaningful to him." In fact, the results are not so important. It is good to have a good result, even if the results are not satisfactory, this tour experience itself has its own value.

I was in the "Southern Metropolis Daily", "Beijing News", worked. Vice president of the NetEase, working directly on the Ding Lei report on this line for occupation managers has touched the ceiling, and then go on to the possibility is very small; even if the work is promoted, homogeneous, repeated, this time, entrepreneurship has become an inevitable choice.

July 31, 2012, I officially left the NetEase venture. From the production department to the product operation Department, from the media people within the system outside the system to occupation managers, entrepreneurs, managers from occupation to occupation of my career, can be summed up with the three "turn". "Southern Metropolis Daily" and "Beijing News" experience, the basic idea of my business to help.

This two

job let me return to the common sense: a common sense in the newspaper itself, follow the journalistic professionalism. Said news rather than propaganda words, tell the truth and falsehood, as far as possible to the reported objective, not extreme, superior — this is essentially a product of consciousness.

also a common sense in the commercial consciousness — the content you seldom buy, not good people do not buy. If you want to start a business, all marketing push

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