Small game a quick sales platform for business failure case

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MD small defeat, my business failed



finally said, MD, I failed to start a business. I feel empty, when I first loudly to my co-founder said, I felt that I was finally relieved. In fact, we all know, in the past few months, the company has been unable to operate, but we have never been very clear about our situation as a failure. An elephant in a small space, but we all turn a blind eye – our main problem is not understand the market. Although our market crowd is a musician, and some of our team has done in the field, but we finally have to admit, not music sales experts.

our product is a fast selling platform (, where musicians use dynamic pricing to release their own music. For us, this software is for musicians to use without having to use their brains. Artists to encourage their fans to share with friends in various communities. We talk to some artists, they think it’s a cool idea. Our idea has been verified, at that moment, we stopped in a year to communicate with the artist, put all the thoughts on the design software, until we believe that the product has been accepted.

our first edition of Beta was really in the face of a disaster when Amazon suspended our accounts because we didn’t meet the terms of the transfer. Those fans can get involved in the sale, and we can’t handle them. So we stopped paying artists to get everyone to listen to free music. We never told him what had happened until now.

from this Beta test, we found that, in order to comply with the relevant provisions of Amazon, our software needs to be rewritten. What’s more, people don’t really like everything about our products. In fact, some of those involved in the sale of friends do not even like our development of dynamic pricing system. They would have been trying to support artists, all saving some money on them may not have any excitement at all, they can easily get free from other places like the artist’s music.

we should have made some changes, but we all felt we had gone too far to control. We redesigned most of the features of the software to get Amazon’s approval and contacted more than 1700 artists. Some of them are very interested. They seemed to say, "come to the real me out! I share the passions!" finally, we released the second beta version. An artist who has worked with us has set up his own sales page and is ready to release it. But the only problem is that he doesn’t understand what our software does. Finally, when he discovered the dynamic pricing mechanism, he told me

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