Do you believe that the website traffic is small

beginners webmaster Wangzhuan that flow is the premise of do Wangzhuan, no traffic higher do earn less, do not even, the premise of the flow is included in the search engine, but included more traffic high? This a series of problems today we talk about


website! We all hope that the new station on the line, Baidu included, because the most of the webmaster is by Baidu; Baidu can bring a lot of traffic; I also think so at the beginning, in fact is not the case. The early use of Knight pan version, included light many tens of thousands, even millions, that day to flow is rattled…… But the CN domain spread, lead to the birth of a large number of websites, Baidu manual intervention, Knight pan also with this version gradually disappear, Baidu is now included with this website…… But not before, after all, Baidu now manual intervention; the later niceword, did not set off waves of what. Later, love polymerization was born, played in 51 statistical khuong advertising on Baidu included less, website traffic, website does not make money, claiming to be automatic station, lying can make money, ha ha, also rely on this to make money on the Internet! Master ah, but look at love polymerization the group will know, Baidu included many, but is not flow, did not earn money! In some say, templates are the same, want to make your own template, but not too realistic…… This high we, search engine included more, not necessarily have traffic, Baidu is not included in our website, also not necessarily from other search engines to flow;

The relationship between

and traffic here Wangzhuan sites have, of course you can hang traffic, advertising, pop and even horse flow can earn money! These needless to say, we all know, then say no traffic cannot make money? No, the key depends on your site types. If you are the original content of the website, and the type of the Internet does not overflow, then your website will be able to make money! A lot to do stand for the interest of friends, why finally can make money? And wanted to make money, but not necessarily to make money? It is because do stand friend interested in energy into website the content, and one finally want to make money, pay attention to promotion, but could not keep users! Or confirms the content is king. So, but your site in the early stage, how to adhere to and develop? In fact, the best way is to increase the number of profit pattern, website income, even if it is 1 yuan of money, you will also continue! Had income, you may do better..


revenue come from? General sites are on the alliance, entertainment sites can rely on advertising, relying on SP. But such a site is not all the site is suitable, in fact, some time to look at the efficiency of advertising. Pay per click advertising, not necessarily suitable for small traffic sites. Monthly advertising is not much chance, this time, we choose the best effect of advertising, for example you help merchants to sell a product, the Commission of 20%, if the production.

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