PPS alliance to promote the survival of seven price adjustment notice


in view of the special nature of the product (ppstream) promotion channels, while improving the enthusiasm of your participation,

this platform decided since 2008 2 years from the beginning of 1, the ppsteam price will be adjusted again to $1.5 / seven survival. Survival statistics unchanged.

(Note: 2.1 days of the date of the beginning of the survival data after the return of the 7, that is, back to the back of the time for the day of 2.8, the price is adjusted to

1.5 yuan / one, before the end of the day in the background of all surviving data is still in accordance with the 0.8 yuan / Statistics ()

reminder: the activities have been adjusted for a week, and found that there are still a small number of owners have not yet replaced the new connection address, the unadjusted station please

timely replacement of new connections, so as not to continue to use the old code before the launch of the normal statistics can not bring you loss

hereby notify.

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