Let small flow to achieve greater value

many webmaster friends hand hold different scale flow groups, there is also a small, large flow of profit is not a problem, small flow? You think of how to make money no, here I will combine their actual talk about how I use my money flow. Let me talk about my flow is how come, not traffic, not SEO, do not need to go to the promotion, a person is TYPO meters from me, a corn and dangdang.com, these flows are books to Dangdang every day people come knocking on the wrong keyboard, before I put it to the park revenuedirect, you can see some flow conditions (below):


can be seen that the corn PV only 14-35 per day, which is only PV, not independent IP, independent IP may be less, about 80%. The corn yield parked a month down 8 or so, one day, look at this 8 dollars feel boring, suddenly think of how to make every flow to create greater value? Because the corn and dangdang.com, so I decided to do an experiment: I’m going to register an account Dangdang alliance then, apply for a text link, directly with the corn to jump to the link, that is to say as long as there are people through my links to purchase the books, I just have a commission.

to do all this, I am not going to worry about it, because it’s just one of my experiments, but also need time to verify, I waited a month to go back to look at the data, I don’t know, a look surprised, this meter value fully reflected the monthly return to more than 10 times more than it seems that the parking is strong, the experiment is successful, the small flow can also earn money. Here to give you a map (four months Commission):


just started a month is not stable, no more than 100 fast, after a month after a month of the past, the monthly income of more than 8 is not much faster than the previous


in the dead of night, casually knock down these words, to share some of my views on a small flow of money, I hope you can learn something, to think more of other things, giving top priority to do better and better! Recently the first station line: http://s.kuailebo.com/ hope you brothers and sisters and there is time to look at more guidance, thank you!

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