How to enter the nternet low tide startups winter

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the godfather of Silicon Valley venture capital, the United States KPCB Vc firm partner John · Toure in 2010 created the word "SoLoMo", to explain the "social" and "localization" and "mobile" to promote the prosperity of the website. However, with the destruction of Facebook, Zynga, Groupon stock market myth, people’s interest in the SoLoMo model greatly reduced. For many of the privatization of start-up companies in this trend, they have to do is to deal with the problem of the idea of the site recession.

reported that some companies want to follow the trend of Facebook public offering, then give up these plans; others are trying to make their business to keep distance with Zynga and Groupon, to avoid the same goods; pay close attention to the user and the growth curve, hope to pass to reproduce the brilliant yesterday.

several network startups have completely closed stores. Photo and video sharing site Color Labs financing $41 million last year, but fell into the plight of slow growth in the number of users. Once there is news that the company will put up the shutters.

SoLoMo market has cooled, "venture capitalist Blaine · Omari (Brian O’Malley) said," for a long time, people don’t even believe that the company is difficult, now everyone’s confidence shaken."

is the three SoLoMo model startups to see how they deal with the problem of the site’s depression.

daxitaibei Viddy

Viddy is headquartered in California, Losangeles, the company CEO Brent · (Brett O) Brien in March to taste the roller coaster taste. The company offers a free app that enables iPhone users to edit and share videos. Last year, when the company opened, the number of employees is only 10.

then, open Internet platform picture Viddy will be used with the Facebook, allow Facebook users to share their Viddy activities in the friends news feed "service, which obviously enhance the overall image of Viddy.

at the same time, the number of monthly active users connected by Facebook and Viddy applications has been rising, rising from 60 thousand in January to the end of March, the number of people in the 890 thousand. At the end of May, the number soared to 31 million 100 thousand.

at the same time, Facebook4 month announced the acquisition of photos to share mobile applications Instagra>

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