Rational thinking and feeling about Wangzhuan

  * is a new term and with the development of the network, and even a new occupation. This is a very personal career. It is a labor tool is a computer, labor time is only three to four hours a day, the media is the Internet, in order to click the button to click the form of work. In the first, sure, this work also conforms to economic criteria of labor intensity and labor efficiency, it is not for nothing, can not be overnight, but there is no so-called "deceive users" behavior. The real "Wangzhuan" and * *, violence and computer virus has nothing to do, on the contrary, the economic behavior in the process of it embodies the Wangzhuan operation of law in modern society that pay attention to the market, promoting products and corporate brand in advertising promotion, and active market, let the whole society economy toward the sound competition. The development of.

?? network is a kind of media, and is the most promising television, newspaper and broadcast all media in the form of an upstart. It is the natural advantage of publicity, it is bound to allow a variety of business enterprises to turn their eyes to the network, the position of advertising moved to the network. TV ads to the audience, the audience to listen to the radio advertising, in order to get a wide range of publicity, received due benefits. Similarly, online advertising, Internet users need to click to give full play to the role of advertising. While the link connection between advertising companies and users is various with the nature of the "Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site" (the name for it). Of course, now the "Wangzhuan site" is still in the new period, its size and form is not mature, but there are several good Wangzhuan site, users of the network is gradually in-depth life. We introduce some preferred to readers.

?? first, "Wangzhuan site to help companies and businesses publish survey information, users of the landing site, to participate in the investigation in the form of access points, and integral RMB exchange in the form of money. This website has more formal information network and the Shanghai survey Searchina Survey Net etc..

?? second, "Wangzhuan site own design a special advertisement of small software, Internet users to download the software, like hanging like QQ hanging, and occasionally click advertising, every ten minutes to save a number of OK. This point is equivalent to the previously mentioned points, can be converted into rmb. This kind of Wangzhuan form has an advantage, that is not to affect the work, does not affect the speed, but without the need to place from time to time to open the page, it just like hanging QQ upgrade hanging, but also can minimize or hide a small icon, very convenient. So this kind of Wangzhuan site most netizens, the most popular development. It is suitable for free to sit the office, but also for the "house" group.

?? third, Internet selling ideas, with their wisdom and inspiration to make money. This kind of "Wangzhuan site is generally not released" direct advertising, but some of the companies of the commercial help information. For example, the new company can not find a suitable, convenient and easy to remember domain name or enterprise website, LOGO and so on, it will turn to the public Internet Group and suggestions. It’s like a bid, as long as your idea.

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