Domestic mainstream network advertising alliance evaluation

Since the establishment of

, network advertisement alliance for the keyword matching technology, targeted advertising, advertising in the form of diversification, low cost, high cost and relatively independent on the monitoring system, has received many advertisers attention and favor. What are the best domestic online advertising alliance for advertisers to choose their own characteristics and advantages of


iResearch "2007-2008 development report" China network advertising alliance industry data show that in 2007 China online advertising alliance overall market size of 1 billion 60 million yuan, representing an increase of 61.2% in 2006 to 660 million yuan. 2008, online advertising alliance market will continue to maintain rapid growth is expected in 2010 the overall market size of the advertising alliance will reach 4 billion 500 million yuan.

through personal experience to visit many well-known domestic webmaster and themselves, a selection of eight domestic relatively high visibility of the online advertising alliance, roughly divided into the following five groups: the first is to Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Ali mother represented a comprehensive third party advertising alliance. This camp all strength, high visibility, is one of the most popular camp; second is a dark horse and Yiqifa as the representative of the independent third party advertising alliance, the camp although not the first camp of the scale of strength, but by virtue of their unique positions

and the price advantage is the third century to lord it over a district; Union as the representative of the wireless advertising alliance, this camp with the advent of 3G era, the popularity of wireless networks, will soon enter a golden period of development; fourth is the first video as the representative of the video advertising alliance, this camp with the current video website the upsurge and rich media technology, video advertising is one of the most popular object; fifth is a new technology as the representative of the advertising alliance to dotting the camp, relying on strong technical strength, has developed the

user experience love reading without affecting

under the form of advertising, open up a new world of online advertising.

these five camps basically represent the overall situation of the domestic mainstream online advertising alliance, here we will from the union background, scale, conditions of application, the advertising form of payment, payment and other aspects of a comprehensive analysis of the network advertising alliance, in order to advertisers and webmasters a reference.

Google AdSense

alliance background

Google AdSense relies on the market value of the largest Internet Co in the world of Google, it is from the Royal family.


Google AdSense is one of the earliest advocates of advertising alliance, has joined the more than and 30 Vanguard Alliance website in China, both portal sites also have personal site, not only the elite professional website has grassroots personal blog, covering almost all walks of life, is a work.

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