Dai Renguang with the mentality to do business Taobao site

a webmaster to do Taobao customers, will have a manager that business operators do not have a mind, heart, it is difficult to do a Taobao customer, many people even now in the crazy money, but for the long term, he will not be successful, because you must let the customer through your link to buy, please give customers a good reason? Take a few days to see an article by Wang Tong, is the lifetime value of customers, in fact, is to let customers continue to look back, had a high lifetime value. To see this article, students can go to the Admin5 webmaster network look at Wang Tong: customer lifetime value of mining allows you to double profits, but also let me have a new understanding of Taobao customers, drying out and share.

1: Taobao off more and more difficult, the key is to

can be said that the first phase of the Taobao customer is people, as long as it is pulled to the person, this person is a little of your links, you can not, because this time the number of Taobao customers are very small, so the customer within 14 days as long as you don’t click on PID and other Taobao customers to buy goods you can get the goods, but now I can say that this era will gradually disappear, so this is also a lot of Taobao customers think the reason of their income is less and less, because more and more people do, the user can be exposed to a lot of PID, your success is not to allow customers to click on your PID. But how to keep this customer, let him the last time you click to buy PID. We look at a map, this map is a "good brand boutiques",



map is also very good to support my view, click on the advertising time is June 19, 2009, advertising deal in July 4, 2009, from the customer, we can see that the customer is not always a click will buy. Even for a long time, so you have to be attractive enough to let customers back.

2: with the manager of the business mentality

said you can do a Taobao customer site, you also do a platform, and the shop is a shop on the platform, is the customer service attitude, the quality of the product, and Taobao site play is the guide function, actually I just started the Taobao site Taobao off 28 Street (taobao28). I also can not please webmaster mentality, because the mentality of the webmaster is to engage in the flow, do not attach importance to the user, but you can make a lot of money, but I can say that a successful site is definitely not like this, just like the Taobao station, you can earn short-term profits, but to make their permanent site profitable the lifetime value for the user, you must provide a valuable service, do not necessarily do a customer on the loss of a customer, which is to run the biggest failure. As we said before, if you are familiar with the cosmetics, you have the ability to do a shopping guide, then you can write "a" recommended daily cosmetics, with their own professional can > Product Guide

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