Personal financing sigh!

A few days ago, a connection to see a few investors, there are individuals, there are angels, there are well-known venture capitalists. After a turn, or back to the origin, continue to do my station, quietly do.

1, the webmaster of the Internet began to be "atmosphere of" get entranced, change the strategy continuously, change the operation mode of the web site, and even function. The purpose is the current trend of the Internet to try to do.

me the same as those of "flea stationmaster" because very shallow, lack of experience, are easy to be fooled "known" not a proposition. Those investors make irresponsible remarks or just sent an excuse to be poor webmaster as "imperial edict" enshrined in their Si Weizhong, really sad!

I saw a webmaster, from the first station to see his half a month later, the website has changed beyond recognition, the purpose is to cater to the Web2.0 or XX expert said what.

confusion is still wrong, but if excessive worship and lost his original do stand of the mind, is completely mistaken! Even if there are 1000 expert stationmaster, the world is still the only one "special" you.

and then give you put out a series of successful cases, of course, he cited the "case" there are many investors, investment behind the cultivation of at least 5 years of success (at least one) website". I think that 5 years ago, the success of the site may not be your project is now good, but others succeed, so VC’s thinking can only go by this standard. As for the new project!

the e-commerce, feel to!

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