Some whim of people to make money

Some small idea I personally only, I know someone is sure to feel wrong or boring to write, but each thought sparks could open the fruits of success, ten years ago, who knows hao123 worth? A few years ago, who knows how to be a grid station? Oh, is my personal idea, please as a reference, do not be too serious. But do not think too much of this article is very boring, or that sentence, read some of the ideas of others, maybe it will inspire some of their inspiration!   (1);           GG to the dollar foreign exchange speculation, many webmaster GG do it, in general, be called general personal Adsense, monthly GG should have at least a 100 knife, then the money, how do you use? I believe that most people’s answer is: directly to my house, and then to the bank into RMB, and then spent. A $100 check from the United States to send China, remove the tax and currency handling costs, we have to consider the exchange rate change, so now the appreciation of the RMB has been, from the original 1 to 8, to 1, more than 7 points, indeed for us these people, it does not lift the ace, is a lot of things what effect, but if it is not 100 dollars? Then, the loss will not be a few dollars. A bit of economic minded people, in fact, use money to make money, then, can we put this little investment in the foreign exchange market, a virtual Wall Street broker? Oh, I know for a few hundred dollars to foreign exchange speculation, is not realistic, but for now, the foreign exchange market volatility is not obvious, can indeed make a try, even if not to earn money, give it a try, the extra knowledge of financial investment, is also a study.   edge: multiple channels, and is also engaged in financial industry risk: RMB $Oh fried now is not very good, can try to change the yen, Australian dollar, pound like ah, but there is no financial foundation strong, easily confused, and we the hundreds of dollars, enough to plug the teeth. Moreover, many owners are still waiting for the money to pay the rent every month……   (2);           buy advertising to sell advertising actually this is not what secret, many people use this loophole in the GG money, famous expert Wang Tong teacher SEO mentioned in his article, I also do not introduce specific GG is how to operate, because GG now prohibit such buy advertising to sell advertising behavior, but we have something else, just say my own thoughts. For example, you are a download station, all on the ringtone advertising, the advertising is now PR ringtones this policy: an effective guide for each registered user revenue of RMB (5 yuan). The income of each user who guides a valid on demand is one yuan (1) yuan. We’ll hit you in the station to do the keyword "walk", now the Baidu index, probably every Bi

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