Talk about Baidu GG and Ali who is more suitable for our webmaster

on the current domestic advertising alliance. Do the main 3 cpc. Baidu alliance Ali mom and Google adsense. So what exactly is the alliance that is better suited to our small owners?. Help you make the right choice.

first said the next Baidu Union (application address Baidu alliance CPC divided into about 50%. Most clicks on 0.1 to $0.2. Quite a lot of style. Full 100 yuan to pay. Support bank card and post office remittance. There are some difficulties in applying. Baidu auction Alliance Entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. The station is not up to the number, there is a more important is. Like a little garbage station, do Baidu bidding alliance easily by Baidu K.

second, Google Adsense (application address, I am from the Google alliance since. Unit price is also good. Easy to apply, if you stand the old show English ads, then you will send. Now support checks and remittance. Collection is also convenient. 100 dollars to pay.

third, Ali mother. Ali mother was successful, because there is a strong support for YAHOO bidding advertising. Otherwise, the full launch of the long time pricing advertising. We are willing to do the alliance. The bottom line without Alipay payment.

below to analyze the difference between these several

name of the application to apply for an easy to pay the amount of the payment amount of

Baidu http://s./ very difficult 100RMB bank transfer post offices are almost

Google adsense to check

100 knife Xilian

mom is fairly easy without requiring Alipay

if your site traffic is large, it is recommended that you Google Adsense based, supplemented by the Baidu alliance, the reasons are as follows, Google Adsense deduction should be relatively small. And so far he doesn’t tax. Baidu alliance and Ali mother more than 800 after the deduction of a tax of 20%. Ali will also charge a service fee, the flow of large sites, the loss is considerable. For example, do Google income 1W, Baidu is only 8 thousand. Ali less than 8 thousand.

if your site traffic is small, it is recommended that you give priority to Ali mother, the reasons are as follows, traffic is not easy to apply to the Baidu alliance. Google Adsense’s $100 payment is too far away, then choose Ali mother. Every month can make money.


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