Beginner must know three kinds of network business mode

We view the

keywords Wangzhuan from the Baidu index data, clearly feel the Wangzhuan attention has been is very high, we can see the picture below



thus, Wangzhuan popularity is very high, but I understand that now can really through Wangzhuan rarely, build up the family fortunes, grassroots webmaster is scanty, causing this situation, there are two main reasons, one is the grassroots webmaster can not find a suitable way of business, the second is the lack of execution of


these two reasons, entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the most important, because only the correct direction, then behind the effort will be rewarding, if you get the right direction, then you no matter how hard it is, and will be more and more far away from the target, so the author combines the current situation of the Internet and to the majority of the Wangzhuan novices, summed up a few will know the business, hope to be able to let the novice webmaster take some detours, the success of

as soon as possible!

1: take the technical route

technology roadmap will never become obsolete, of course it needs to beginner we need more knowledge, but also need to keep the spirit, the innovation spirit and the spirit of learning, because the Internet technology always change rapidly, if you can not keep pace with the times, it is also very difficult to succeed, take the SEO optimization. A lot of technology will change with the search engine algorithm, there are many subtle changes, if you are not able to realize the key, there is no way to compete with others, orders will be less and less! But on technical route, the price is quite high, because people will understand the technology demand so, take the technical route, is still an important way of entrepreneurship many Wangzhuan novice


two: take the marketing route

take the marketing line, there are two, one is to help others marketing, another kind of their own operating sites, their own marketing. For the first, the difficulty was significantly smaller, after all, no sales pressure, as long as you according to customer requirements, they will need to release the soft, posted a link to engage in place, then we can get a commission for the second, there will be more difficult to clearly, at least to know how a SEO optimization, web site operators understand a little knowledge, also need to know is the promotion of knowledge, can be said to have universal knowledge, so for the beginner who, when go marketing route, should start from the first step, and then continue to operate independently of the


three: go shopping or delivery platform to sell goods

this way is now a lot of beginner who preferred business, in reality it’s like we open a store, you only need to know the sale, you can, for the technical requirements is not high, the level of marketing is also not high requirements for operation but do not need to.

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