Sina blog Amoy carefully and doing the novice

took the time to visit Sina blog yesterday inadvertently discovered a problem, Taobao guest promotion blog is still flying all over the sky. A day’s time is estimated to have hundreds of new Bowen was born. In the early days of Taobao customers are some people use Sina blog’s high weight blog published a good search engine rankings to bring a lot of traffic, of course, also get a good income. But with more and more people to do Sina blog, coupled with sina has begun to recognize and attach importance to this issue. Some of the original methods will not work. I don’t know whether we work too hard, ". Don’t know to see what month method or the so-called cheats on the Internet, do it, do not see the time and test whether it is feasible. Do you end up after the promotion blog you do not click on the test under


for all of us are doing Sina blog often make some mistakes, I’m here to help you list, hope novice friends don’t waste your precious time to do some useless.

1, a simple copy of plagiarism, the title content stereotyped

turned a few pages 21, released on the Taobao blog, "Taobao slimming products sales list", "Taobao products sales list" the two title at least 10 times, not including other similar just one or two words in the title. Miracle do not understand, you copy other people’s content, the title of plagiarism, the same blog overwhelming. First of all, the search engine is not a fool, Baidu and GG included a few articles included several articles? Are you? If you have your rank in many pages? It had lost weight by the Sina blog for search ranking significance. Second, the user is not a fool. The same title, the same content users do not know to see thousands of times. Do not click into the purchase, it is estimated to see a similar title feel nausea. What is your content has no value to the user, and even conflict, you are a waste of time doing what? Even if you do a party, know how to change the title, I feel that the past. As for how to change the content of the article? How to set the title? How to get the long tail keywords? These are not I can teach you a word, is that you want to think.

2, simple mind, Bowen completely no logic

this is the funniest place for Miracle. I actually saw a "third quarter of 2010 weight loss product list", but also copied reproduced. Of course I don’t rule out being the same person as Ma Jiafa. Now only a few months? The third quarter rankings come out? Just 2009 simple change 2010 you dare to send? You expect such promotional articles can bring you income? See a lot of new people complaining about how hard to do for a few months every day, but no income. But if you do not even have a minimum of logic are not willing to spend a little thought inside, let alone do a few months, is to do a few years, I guess you will not have >

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