5 free Wangzhuan network mainstream

A few days ago,

told the five mainstream Internet Wangzhuan mode, but I find some of my friends said that the five main charge mode I introduced Wangzhuan only the network, rather than free wangzhuan. Some friends also said that it is too difficult to be simple!

although a little helpless, but to give you some.

Wangzhuan is more, companies, individuals, all kinds of enterprise project. Generally, companies with good reputation, but the money is relatively small, and the individual run, be careful, because many are deceived jiamengfei then run away, so the investment projects in general, is difficult, is also a great investment. This is the reason why we choose free items, because we take the risk of relatively small.

1: PTC click item

Click on the

PTC project, there are some general requirements necessary account: PP and AP two foreign Internet banking, GMAIL mail, a domestic Alipay account. Then choose a few powerful Wangzhuan project start operation. However, it is important to note that the domestic real money making projects are relatively small, in addition to 58 ad task network, not easy to do. So to choose a few foreign have the strength of the site, such as NEOBUX, Wordlinx, Linkgrand, etc..

two: surfing hook project


project is to make money on surfing, is currently the country of Europe, for more. Followed by the United states. Domestic surfing price is relatively low, and there are time constraints. For example, the news times can only operate 3 hours a day. In addition to domestic projects mostly contain the amount of virus is relatively high, so the general need to select the surf using firefox.

three: survey questions and answers

investigation of domestic customers, the first survey, sand, etc., are relatively good, people prefer. These projects relatively speaking, the operation is relatively simple, the problem is more practical, relatively easy to answer. However, there are certain limitations, generally fill in the information to fill in Shanghai, Beijing and other regions. Because these areas are relatively affordable prices, the investigation is more.

four: game money items

some money through the game project, such as poly chest, 58 task network, Doug network etc.. After operating the project to make money, but also through the game to make money. Is more popular, and more mature projects.

five: do task item

is currently more popular personal projects, tasks to make money. But most of them are founded by individuals, and the reputation is poor. And a large number of failures in the near future, it can be said to be more difficult to do. But the advantage is that the income is relatively rich, more idealistic.

More than

are relatively common free items, but before the project should have a positive attitude. Remember my station, www.58tas>

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