Porn rampant cheating, uneven in quality pattern of alliance attracted scourge

At present, porn rampant cheating, the pattern of uneven in Quality Alliance attracted scourge, recently hit very much, hope that the webmaster at present weight, uuto alliance, VV alliance, the alliance is the judicial investigation, confiscate all servers. CCTV news has reported that this gust of wind is not small, especially the "* * * form of advertising code or text description", we hope that convergence norms! Do not involve yellow! Hope the webmaster self correction. I would like to provide you with a CP agent… Business QQ:515157378 they have three not.. 1. Not acting as pornography. 2. Do not have a free description of the registration page to deceive consumers 3. No video sites. As the union is now 14% of the rectification from the uplink down to the uplink of the amount of up to 16%… We only provide program and interface services… You can make your own alliance with only meters and servers….

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