Wangzhuan Trilogy network money collection

It is usually said that the

Wangzhuan Wangzhuan network to make money, because the relatively low threshold of entry, do not need to pay any money, and many are calling for free Wangzhuan, below the station of river seaman from three different level for you about money:

network method

first phase:

The first stage of the

Wangzhuan, also known as free Wangzhuan stage, most of this phase of the operator is beginner, making money for the network does not have a clear understanding that, just click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, investigation, surfing and so on these the lowest Wangzhuan form, a lot of people at this stage of the lack of the spirit of learning, or lack of Wangzhuan mentors, want to learn but no way, lack of Wangzhuan tutorial as a guide, a lot of people have been in such a stage, even thought he was satisfied with his master, has a bunch of the line, to have a few yuan income will be very satisfied every day, in fact, a few yuan for higher income is simply an income of approximately equal to zero, a state that I was satisfied with this, then I A chance but met a has an important influence on the course of my Wangzhuan mentors, that makes me go on Wangzhuan a learning way, from the network to make money for me, is no longer a passive waiting, I hope you can go beyond this stage. After all the first stage is higher by others as free Wangzhuan tools use a network to make money, certainly not go through this stage you cannot enter the next stage of wangzhuan.

second phase:

The second stage of

Wangzhuan, also known as self Wangzhuan stage, this stage of the operator for Wangzhuan have a clear understanding, no longer content to help others make money, take the head of state, will learn to make their own website to earn the advertising expenses, more and more people will enter a traffic mainly with the self promotion of products, not satisfied with the simple flow sale network to make money, but at this stage the many webmaster or by their ability to make money, to promote the flow, or use SEO to obtain optimized flow, or through the development of their own small plug-ins to get traffic to make money this time. Wangzhuan might not be comparable to the first phase of the free Wangzhuan earn much, but they have the essential difference is the network tool to make money do others, to see others face, There is no income they can not control, only to enter the second stage before you enter Wangzhuan, a self Wangzhuan stage.

third stage

The third stage of

is higher, master is to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, relying on others, there is a common purchase flow, by bidding, Google Baidu and other major search engines to sell their products or services, at this stage of the grassroots people the highest income, the average income of more than 2000 yuan, there is also a part of the stationmaster stepped into the regular warfare stage, and even some owners get a risk investment, this stage of the network to make money master, can be a week or so can be a station traffic do tens of thousands, and there is no cheating. >

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