Video website profit model to see me seventy-two change

video website development and after three years of precipitation has been gradually mature, the industry has also been a round of endurance, the cost of capital and policy baptism proved, but its value, but always can not be "considerable income" to speak. Industry warlords melee situation has ended, now is Jingxiaxinlai money, but in the video sharing mode as a marketing platform to bring the advertising effect is not ideal, billions of dollars of investment risk, did not bring a profitable business.

after a few years of financing, burn, not as soon as possible profitable video site on how to achieve a breakthrough? We can see the website breakthrough in different ways, the video site for money, just as a song sings, I see seventy-two changes, has become the 2009 video industry bustling the highlight.

advertising model, deviate from them.

in the face of growing user traffic, Youku represented part of the site said it would adhere to the online advertising model, continue to free users. Compared with other sites in the charging mode of bold innovation, the country’s largest video site Youku want to continue to create a free website. In the business model, still insist on the advertising model, is currently the site of monthly income has exceeded 10 million yuan.

But in the face of the other

website launched boutique fee program pressure, the free lunch is not good too, afraid of what day the guests eat quickly, rather than out of their own pockets to go elsewhere to improve the food. So, although the financial pressure head had to spend heavily done articles in content. From 2006 onwards, launched a plan, making plans and cattle plan, get a lot of content resources. In cooperation with advertisers, Youku also broke the inherent pattern. This year, the site with the beauty of copyright marketing cooperation, the United States sponsored to buy genuine drama, beauty advertising, TV drama publishers copyright benefit, so as to achieve mutual benefit model.

competitive pricing policy, CEO Gu Yongqiang always hold the opposite opinion, he thinks pay to watch video content time is not ripe, if there are special video content can meet the future charging conditions, plus the user can accept, the company may have a very small part of the contents of the charges.

in addition to Youku, PPS relevant responsible person also said it would not consider charges. Previously, PPS launched the VIP system, users can pay 10 yuan per month to skip ads directly to see the content. Presumably PPS is also deeply aware that they have affected the user experience advertising, if you are willing to spend money to buy a comfortable, they are willing to serve shielding advertising. I do not know this will hurt the advertiser’s "self", the dim and sad.

live video website, future

some time ago Youku model made a lot of friends "to raise a Babel of criticism of shame. A lot of details

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