nternet entrepreneurs, you also need more female thinking mode


first of all to explain that "women’s thinking" is a metaphor, is a kind of thought, is the "self" in the sense of women. "Male / female", like "left brain / right brain" and "emotional / rational", itself exists in our each person’s self consciousness, but when we need to get the meaning of existence from the external world, "male" thinking is fundamental to our survival, "will be thinking characteristics of female" with more hidden in the subconscious level.

in the Internet era, the self and personal awareness is increasingly becoming the mainstream of society. "Female" thinking is the natural emotional orientation and experience oriented, and do not need to be logical argument, with instinctive instinctive reaction to make judgments, know it, but do not need to know why.

female thinking is a kind of perceptual thinking, but for a long time, the perceptual thinking is always the taboo of entrepreneurship. Indeed, past entrepreneurial you must be skilled in the function design, cost control, process control, the relationship between government and business, rational, smart, is essential to business success, and is also the only quality.

but today, the light is rational and no matter what, at least not enough to make you a cow entrepreneur, the achievement of an enterprise. Because today’s business, in addition to consider your technical and operational capabilities, but also need you have insight into human nature, insight into the user’s psychological ability, you need to think like a woman as well as perception.

Ø user needs are perceived

we used to understand the customer is generally used in the way of market research, sample survey, sample analysis. In the era of scarcity, in the era of industrialization, consumer demand is still stuck in the era of food and clothing, personal safety, this approach is effective, because consumers care about the function and cost. But when the consumer demand has risen to social, respect and self realization at this level, sampling becomes very nonsense.

is a joke, that is a bag production enterprises to design a more close to the consumers of the female package, dispatched personnel to market research, found that every girl looking for something from the bag is very difficult, all the data that bag design is unreasonable, there should be more interlayer. So, the enterprise immediately withdraw from a more layer bag on the market, advertising is no less, the market is not up. Companies have to help marketing experts, experts found that after a study, the original is a woman like to enjoy the process of finding things slowly from the bag.

had a quarrel with men and women trying to explain model tool, called "men are from Mars, women are from Venus", the book said a man looks tough, but simple thinking, thinking is linear; the woman looks weak, but thinking is netlike, sensitive, imaginative.

men can’t understand women

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