nternet writer all month home do not go out 5 years income 33 million yuan

found new business

company, the company to run errands, the audience surprise officer, chief Small and micro businesses ""…… The change of market demand for new, pro, you have what business? You or your friends are experiencing a new occupation? Maybe this new industry is "Epiphyllum", only "one" is nowadays; maybe it is a seed, through the test of the market will grow into a new enterprise like "Taobao". In any case, the market economy is the opportunity to try.

industry background

write 6000 words a day

month to stay out of the house

if asked around 70, after 80, I believe that few people do not know the first intimate contact this work. "Cai" love infected a generation. The novel, which was written by Cai Zhiheng, was regarded as the starting point of the network literature, and set off the upsurge of network literature in 1999. Since then, discovered the opportunities of the investors, the investors take the list of network literature express, many "network bookstore", "literary sites" have been rising. From the "Golden House", "banyan tree", now the huge "starting point Chinese network", Jinjiang literature, along with the domestic development of the Internet and the popularity of a nearly 200 million readers.

recently released the 2012-2013 China digital publishing industry annual report, said e-book revenue reached 3 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 4.43 times last year. Such a large audience and industrial scale, relying on the network is to provide a number of writers of the content, only the "grand literature" under the network writers as many as 1 million 600 thousand people, the smaller the literary website writers have much more than ten million. So hot in the relationship between supply and demand, the birth of the Internet writer "of the occupation group to grow.

Internet writer looks relaxed work may be a lot of people yearn for, but a survey of some Internet writer reporter revealed that in fact these Internet writer is not happy, income also did not imagine so good.

"My life is

a day at home, wake up to write, a month may not go out again." The snow time Internet writer (a pseudonym) told reporters, "the website with the signing of the contract, will be updated every day, a day to 6000 words, even if the default is not updated or not enough words. Sometimes the mind is blank, no inspiration, but still have to bite the bullet. The original is a few college students basically do not contact the relatives, is occasionally a phone call, all can’t see." When it comes to work on time is updated, the snow is a face of helpless.

entrepreneurial story

wrote 400 words a year up to

survey shows that in recent years, the author of the various networks in the beginning of the Chinese network and VIP plans to modify the stimulus, burst out of the amazing creative enthusiasm, a number of authors have become

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