Pay attention to the webmaster black alliance

I advise you not to do tibaidu alliance, are some fake IP. Always say your code to me is anti cheating, I think all is the software brush to me, give me IP never entered my play page ~ always from home a page, I stand before the more than 3 thousand flow of about 20 dollars, but now more than 5 thousand flow, advertising fee or $20. More than 2 thousand more traffic advertising is not depressed, so, have to let me doubt your cheating. I checked their IP, are not used in IP, the IP is in my movies included page, I have never been the movie playback page. I think this flow can enhance our first video playback times. Do you tibaidu, I IP a lot, but always without advertising. This clearly is cheating, you also explain that your code is what anti dog Shit against cheating. I think you are really too dirty, we earn this money to our webmaster webmaster when silly B ah, who want to make money ah, but did not think you will make money by such means, but also by spreading your station how good how high returns what shit name of our webmaster, are some fake IP, shit IP, IP day thousands more traffic advertising 10 Fen don’t add you, when we are silly P webmaster ah, so we don’t do your webmaster alliance, this alliance, are some false traffic, said what do they ask for cash flow, union station long. You really get cash flow it? I think is deceptive. I now do a movie search flow cooperation alliance effect is good. I do QQ455291069 movie master’s brother and I QQ exchange.

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