Google AdWords and tactics

      two days ago, the United States Google AdWords users surprise found their accounts in print ad (newspaper ads) label, the original American Google AdWords broke the only network advertising, network media and newspaper media began the new attempt.

      following a look at the United States Google learning center is how to introduce Print Ad.

      "Google print ad" is a new advertising model, he will be able to target ads you put to the United States on the newspaper, and through the extension of information dissemination channels and expand the audience to enhance your online advertising effect.

      we can not only help you find the right newspaper, but also can be adjusted to meet the needs of your advertising. In addition, the AdWords interface is very easy to operate, you can easily find the local newspaper, determine the date, select the newspaper location, submit ads, as well as a secure online payment system.

      in addition to more than easy to buy, Google print ad ads are exactly the same as traditional newspaper ads.

      there is no doubt that the United States Google Henzhao will soon appear on our side. And that’s good news for advertisers, anyway.

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