mprove the flow of your site in the first phase of the method

said the first ideas: first, to find suitable for the blog; second, the connection with their own station! Know Baidu search list Chinese daily to do this, this is what we can use, do not know the address, tell you:

now we find any keyword 50 in the name of a prior to the Baidu search in the search keywords, see the first page of the result? Note that in the results of the first or second pages to find those who is nearly 2 days of release and blog articles belong to the type.

I find

such as today’s popular word "Fu Yan 548", the results did not see, the first is Sina blog article, 2 and 3 is another station, we have no way to send the article to promote their own station, fourth hotline is Wangzhuan blog. If we check the "red shirts" what is the first Baidu encyclopedia, second hotline third Wangzhuan blog, sina blog.

maybe some friends ask, why is the long words, not short, we can find the "Red Army" that will be mentioned later in this article, look down to see. Why do we only look at the blog rankings, because we all know that the blog is free to apply for any person, after the application can send their own articles.

this is the benefits of the blog, general webmaster believe PR big rankings by. But I was wrong, the Sina blog, Zhongjin blog, and the blog blog and Sohu, the Sina blog? Only the morning, afternoon was collected, the other day has been included, so not to mention the rankings to the first page, Sina blog is good, fast and high ranking included.

began with sina keyword hotline Wangzhuan blog Top50, but a few days found a problem, very hateful, because too many people use Sina blog, send too much, you send the article was collected, such as the "Red Army" what is this title to others the third row of Baidu, and your article display more results in the on the inside, so no flow.

so now I find Wangzhuan hotline PR is not high, but with the same title to the weight of Baidu is very good, and the morning noon will be able to appear in the Baidu search in this blog! What we find, observe, find blogs there are 2 requirements, the first is Baidu included, after ranking second included it is good! Because only in line with these 2 points, will come from Baidu to see your article a lot of traffic.

found the blog application, we have to do is to send the article, why should we just do the problem keywords longer when the title of the article, for example, check the "Red Army", after the results, we can see that Baidu search results are all news station, there is no blog for the first page of results in the article, because the basic flow on the first page, so we can find the following Baidu search related words in the title as the better, because it can bring us real visitors read the article. < >

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