Wang Xiaochuan the worst just wiped the table to think about life


original title: University of Wang Xiaochuan, what are doing in?

1999, Zhou Yunfan, Chen Yizhou, and the three young people in the understanding of the young, with the Internet dream and a venture capital to return to Beijing, joined the vigorous tide of the Internet business,.

home business, talent is the key. At that time, the United States of America’s Internet start-up companies, most of them are digging from the school, the three decided to go to Tsinghua


Department of computer science, Tsinghua University dormitory building called 9, the Department of each grade students are in a building, the first floor is level 96, the two floor is level 95. One Saturday morning, Chen Yizhou, Yang Ning, and three of the men went downstairs and opened the first dormitory door.

One is in the game the students

the dormitory was shocked, asked "who are you?", but not the three person to answer the questions, but roughly asked: "who is your best grade?"

was a little scared to get the students to write down the paper, but he is not written names, but ID. At that time, Tsinghua Department of computer has a famous "Jiujing BBS", according to the BBS ID list, Chen Yizhou three people together to find the Department of "expert".

was the first to be found at the time of the first Zhou Feng. Student Zhou Feng (later the NetEase in 103, a CEO) was on the bed he was suddenly awakened three strangers, he shouted down, asked: "I heard that you are the best in your school?!" we talked for a while, the blood of the Zhou Feng decided to Qing Hua gate ChinaRen go to work.

Zhou Feng was writing for the ChinaRen mailbox, go with part-time and expert Zhou Feng under the Xu Zhaojun, and they live in the dormitory next door to Wang Xiaochuan.

Most of the time

ChinaRen gathered a large number of dozens of Tsinghua University computer science graduate and non graduate, graduate students, undergraduate students doing a part-time job, even in Tsinghua next to find a sancaitang office.

because many students go to work part-time, the summer is the Tsinghua Department of computer teacher the most painful one summer, at least half of the people are skipping class. Because at that time, 14 years ago, Zhou Feng, Wang Xiaochuan, Xu Zhaojun ChinaRen a month on a part-time salary is 8000 pieces, is simply the nouveau riche. According to their classmates, "is to eat fried every day."

after finding talent, ChinaRen finally in August 1999 on-line. But the ChinaRen is not familiar with the alumni, Chen Yizhou originally wanted to do, and Sohu, like Sina, but did make a door, because Tsinghua computer department part-time five word class students (grade 1995) and a seven word class (class 1997) brother wrote School >

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