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entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur’s own resources for organic integration, thereby creating greater economic or social value of the process. Entrepreneurial process, difficult and full of thorns. Everyone in the venture set foot on the road for a moment, think of how much time must be after their achieve success and win recognition. Everyone is eager for success, everyone hopes to make their own efforts to create more economic value, to meet their needs. How can we show their own style on the road of entrepreneurship, to do what they can try the taste of success?. Deficiencies, but also please friends enjoy tucao.

one, to create a variety of marketing tools

in the possession of their own products, we have to do is to promote the problem. Increase the intensity of marketing, through a variety of marketing tools to promote their products, which is a must pay enough attention to things. A variety of marketing tools and does not mean to 75% or more of the budget funds to copy paper and website publicity and so on, but the website operator must consider how to expand the marketing method, only to find their own marketing policy, in order to ensure the normal operation of a company or website, product.

in the early stages of entrepreneurship, the strength of most entrepreneurs are limited. Then we can take some special channels to expand the sales channels of our products. For example, we can employ relevant professional from the local college students as part-time, even with the other family enterprises without exchange. Through this way to expand our product marketing channels.

two, pay attention to user feedback

"sit down and picked up the pen, each customer to discuss all the details of each with a down method including fixed packaging, brochures and other paper products." The president of the United States Federal enterprise website column, marketing company editor Jordan suggested that Tim. On the other hand, we should pay attention to the user’s feedback on our products. Through user feedback, you can get all the information you need to know and need to get. Only in this way, we can make timely adjustments to their products, as well as to meet the needs of users, retain users. Pay attention to user feedback, namely we often say to the user as the core to make a product, do so out of the product is useful for users, only useful products to get good sales, to create profits for the company or individual.

three, reduce the audience user groups

entrepreneurship is the most taboo is not fine. Trying to make everyone like the product, this idea is extremely wrong. No one can make everyone like the product, because each person’s appreciation level is different, taste is also different. So don’t try so hard to satisfy

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