How to find a good union two


give you 5 points, because in a hurry, did not finish, for the majority of the interests of the webmaster, today give you added several very important, that is to see the true alliance from the Alliance Program! Free program or purchase program is not safe! > many of the Alliance Program is written by ASP (the vast majority of alliance programs are also some,) written by PHP (, also some quickly alliance) is Java (JSP) to write (nine. Union, the light from the program, I still feel that with PHP and Java (JSP) to write the program is good, because after all these procedures are developed, the online peer is less, the speed and safety are good, the effect is also good! Because the free program is too much, a lot of alliance to do alliance with others free program, very unsafe, such as CCTV the Alliance (, is provided with 70sp free program, it is not safe, but for the webmaster how to identify these alliances? Below I introduce several methods for your reference:

1, contrast:

you know, the search to open a unified alliance in the browser, see page templates such as: whether similar! 668 days paid SMS Union (, 885 (, SMS alliance 95 SMS Alliance (, the league you noticed? Haha, not say it now, as like as two peas are a set of procedures, the music source. And does not deduct the amount of SMS Union (, daily paid SMS Union (, (note that this kind of alliance has the following home: buckle signs, the amount of Union have), the two as well, ha ha, is a a program, you said that the alliance will be good? So we have to contrast,

will know!

2, love vest Alliance:

many of the alliance have done after a period of time, due to the bad credit, want to change the URL and program to do, this alliance is not going to do vest Union, we observe that

, ha ha!

3, a lot of the alliance is using CP or SP procedures, so that the alliance can not do! Because of deception! There are intrinsic reasons for

well, write some related to the interests of the webmaster, I do so many years of League experience, we can refer to, because the union scam too much, do not say out, a lot of people still do not know


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