There is no better time to start a business than a programmer

love the rural people into the city, away from the home to the picturesque scenery, city dwelling, into the slums, into the subway, for what? Is the city have more opportunities and choices. This is KK’s "what technology wants" this book says.

Internet is changing some people’s choice, I think the most direct is IT and financial practitioners. I am an example of IT field, I resigned from Beijing, back home, still be able to engage in the IT industry. As long as there is a network of places, I seem to be able to survive, because I make money basically rely on the Internet, there is no direct relationship with the line. The development of the mobile Internet is to allow the elite IT practitioners to find their own control time and the freedom to rest.

Recall that the domestic

rich list, you know inside the top ten, Ma Ma Huateng Robin Li et al in the column, it is likely Zhou Hongyi, Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong, they are engaged in the Internet industry, and most of them are relatively strong technical ability. For example, Robin Li is a search engine, the legend is ranked third in the world. Lei Jun is not to mention, was famous in Jinshan software. So is the cardinal, the year is the godfather of rogue software. Say these just want to say, the most basic CEO cattle are product origin, and most of the products are cattle technology. Ma Huateng, Lei Jun, the cardinal is the product manager niubi.

technical talent, need is to change their views on the product manager. Programmers do not see the product manager Tucao, want to fight it. This is my obsession with the technology of psychology, I see the product manager in a bad mood. Later changed, and they learned a lot of things. When you look at the world with the eyes of the product manager, you know that a lot of things need to be improved and saved. And the opportunity is in the place of pain. Programmers, technical personnel have their own understanding of the advantages of technology, more able to grasp and familiar with the development trend of science and technology.

era, the mobile Internet era allows programmers to connect the network, it seems to give you a broad sky. If the technical staff have product ideas, then you have inserted the sparkling wings, the vast sky as you fly. Many programmers do not have any good ideas, because the product is almost an idiot. If you can jump out of the programmer’s thinking, to accept the baptism of product thinking, the programmer’s future is not just the code farmers. They will subvert many industries, because the programmer is the most understanding of the mobile Internet, their ability to estimate the elite of other traditional industries can not learn a lifetime.

when the "technology + product" programmers awakening society dimensionality reduction reached in other industries, that is "I destroy you, you have nothing to do with the rhythm, other industry personnel cannot withstand a single blow is overwhelming, iq. Programmers need to start, please add product knowledge. Because the most cattle CEO, must be forced product manager. This era to get rid of the fate of the programmer to work overtime, you can not understand their own salvation.


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