After 90 business group VC appreciation, family is the resistance, geeks and internationalization



90 began to stage.

Ji Yichao, Peak Ji, who was born in Beijing 1992, served in the north high school reading alone make a mammoth browser. At an event in the University, he did not want to venture, could not resist the Sequoia Capital partner Kui Zhou "temptation", after Xu Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Investment, the establishment of Peak Labs laboratory. There are parents Kochi he is a typical "90 technology home, began to learn programming from the primary school, and later launched the mammoth browser from design to art, development, testing, operation, all by himself alone, he has admitted his management and sales is not long, the Peak is not Labs all of the core members of the basic requirements of the office, through the mail exchange, the organizational structure of the company is quite loose.

online English teaching platform in chat network founder Zhang Linxuan and co-founder, Xu Dechen. Zhang is 20 years old this year, but Xu Dechen is only at the age of 18. Zhang Dexuan study in China to primary school, in Canada and the United States to graduate high school. Zhang in the United States that there is a simple entrepreneurial experience, the parking spaces into advertising. And Xu Dechen, junior high school to do a called "Byzantine" hip hop dance club, in the small circle of Beijing hip-hop celebrity, in the genetic parents of high IQ he seems to need to solve the problem of examination is a small problem. High school from the start of the campus marketing business. Do not read the domestic university is his firm choice, failed and how it is his views on entrepreneurship, loss is equivalent to walking into the pole, continue to move forward is".

Gao Yang, 1990 Shandong man in Shandong, the high school education of extreme terrorist places, and education for the college entrance examination disappointed he refused to repeat, despite family opposition, in the name of Science Blog a year later decided to Beijing, PE/VC has engaged in editorial and business work and found myself in another world. The current and 3 partners to do a Segmentfault tech geeks in Hangzhou Q & a community.

a few days ago, tiger sniffing published "the active on the Internet 90 entrepreneurs!" this has been part of 90 entrepreneurs listing, but for this group and their ecological mining is not enough to rely on.

let’s see today.


Education: commercialization, internationalization, young geeks

90 entrepreneurial groups can rise rapidly in a short time, closely related to the change of educational ecology.

"north high school, RDFZ ‘house’, such as Ji Yichao and our previous CTO is north high school classmates. In contrast, our eleven schools in this regard can not be ‘technical home’, but our school compared to the campus marketing talent." In the chat network co-founder Xu Dechen which school is good at what

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