For his past year Wangzhuan summary

is the new year, I wish you good health, family happiness here, I hope everyone in 2011 inside more money, we want to make money, to make thick.

who want to make money, but we have to pay to the Internet age, I also less than two years, but on the Internet can make a lot of money?, the first year I did not earn all earned a point in 10 years, but let me write a summary I really do not know what to write well now, do their own network project in the past year which really touched many, many traditional industries are higher. Training, selling tutorials, pull off the assembly line, see more.

at the beginning of 2009 to 2010 this two years, there have been a lot of things, of course, I also have in school life and make friends in life is happening, which makes me more aware of themselves, many people say that college life is rich and colorful, the school offers a such a good campus environment for students to study, but also in the talent in mining school. But I didn’t learn as much as the students did. At that time can be said to be more rebellious, like a week to go to one or two classes, more time is spent on the Internet in the dormitory. People do with the network to make money or to find their own projects in the project, when it is also more understanding of the books, so that their own Tu Tu Tu spent two years.


understand I think he is really a play traffic genius, but also his books give me more interest to invest in the Internet business, even when the rest of the class I was using a mobile phone to read his books, inadvertently know Wang Tong’s SEO technology, then I think the SEO is how deep, most people do not understand computer language or website program is unable to learn, but also a long time to understand also went to Beijing to attend Wang Tong’s SEO training, he also said that SEO is actually not difficult, easy is not easy, SEO really don’t know, but when? In 2010 September I learned a long time, the technology about SEO do not need to know too much, master it half of the search engine technology, understand the point of some algorithm website ranking can be more. More is a way to use the site to profit thinking.

in 2010 at the beginning of October, I officially joined the long interest for learning SEO technical training department, when I spent a few days in the global forum, I am more and more interested, really want to suddenly do a website, how much practice under their grasp. So I will do its own network project site, updated daily original articles, while writing is rubbish, but I will try to write. In the beginning of the new year, my site in the home page has ranked, and this is what I really use two months to do a website, it seems that there are now ranked, and their own practice is not wrong. I think I’ll do better.

on the Internet to do a number of companies to promote the company’s products to promote the project, only

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