Part time small business experience (1) passion surging


inadvertently contacted SEO in October, a professional training institution in Nanjing, SEO. At first, in the online access to the relevant SEO information and forums, immediately to the passion, and feel that this has a head. The most interesting is that I am looking for a dozen of the same friends asking: "you to the network marketing to understand how much?" I do this idea is very simple, just want to know me these IT friends to understand the extent of SEO, but after I understand. A lot of people have heard of this "SEO" "network marketing", really understand the principles of SEO technology and operating procedures, and the application of the Internet, people really do not dare to compliment.

from the network training, forum posts, as well as the training institutions to come out of the masters, it is felt that the SEO technology is too late. However, after their investigation, SEO very useful or on the Internet, network marketing is also few and the market development. No matter what you do, as long as you are involved in the Internet business, more or less will have a little impact on you.

on Friday December 7, 2012, his days off, the day of the forum posts in December 8, 2012; at the post, with the SEO master chat, to find their own website program, and more than 2 in the morning to night to build a website; and in December 8, 2012, after a day of struggle, and finally in 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the official website on the line. In the moment I open my website through the browser (show off, that kind of sense of achievement, passion. Three days, very busy, very tired, but very passionate, because I am doing things for myself. This should be a kind of entrepreneurial mood.

through these three days of busy I have a lot of things to do business sentiment, the following list. May I go when it comes to your heart.

1, did not understand the whole process of the project in a hurry to start, indicating that impulsive mentality.

For example, the

website, although you know the site flow: domain name + space = website. However, the specific process and details of the record, whether the domain name space matching and other information, have not been studied in detail. When things are in that even, this only shows that their So that is what it is.! Blundering. In the process of doing the whole thing, I was thinking, if such a small thing to do with this attitude, it is not guaranteed to do a larger investment, you can do it successfully. Don’t hold on to what you have come to know. That would be a terrible death.

2, did not conduct a comprehensive comparison of the product, and even after the purchase of products found in the market better products;

this time he bought a web site procedures, spent 230. Although he is also on the site and the forum for several days to understand, as well as online evaluation of this procedure. But after the purchase >

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