Tea words lead the trend of fine reading


Project Profile:

Chengdu sentence funny Technology Co., Ltd. is a new Internet creative media companies. Its core products for the comma net, the website of micro-blog mobile phone and Internet culture, cultural model, based on mobile Internet technology, focusing on product development, micro cultural field of network communication and marketing, is committed to create a set of activities, news, forum, the world’s largest Chinese search is one of the micro interactive community culture. Network culture propagation through the characteristics of the Fuju Zhuo funny, open Internet, reading, reading fine heart interest in reading and reading in the new era of poly.

project features:

with network technology and information intensive reading of the original brush technology provides excellent selection of discourse from the production source (a), (a), visual news (the news) and micro magazine (read), so that readers can effectively navigate according to interest. Especially the registered user login, enjoy the unique channel product integration (one page), with the gradual increase in natural reading time, use of tools will more accurately display reading resulting in two aspects, the collection of hitherto unknown: 1 people read the complete map dynamic expression; 2 have similar reading hobby groups social circle. Information technology can brush itself has been refined information once again reduced, to make reading easier. In a word, the sentence is Chinese funny micro culture first reading portal, from production to appear on the first time to realize the true essence of reading.

project progress:

version of the page has been the state of open testing, APP and other mobile terminal version will soon be on the line.

user requirements:

sentence funny network is generated in the context of the era of big bang fine reading website. In the name of the network with large data to the reader provides a multitude of information, news and reading materials. On the surface of the network era no "micro" not to, but it provides the amount of garbage, so that the individual reading no Fu Xiaoshou, completely lost in the low efficiency of the mouse click, slide. The reader as an individual does not need to read all the information, and can not read all the network information. Sentence funny big data era is designed to sort out the context of personal reading, providing accurate reader’s interest in reading products.

below are some brilliant ideas:

marketing a: you this reading performance where not copying other people’s article, QQ pop, a bomb, all is accuracy. The accuracy of the performance of your editorial department for all information summary planning, view comments. There is a word, a hearing, a glance, these words, you may feel very innovative settings, very creative. This is from your own point of view. Do you have to go out and not to see their own creative website, but originality to your website public, simplicity is the best.. Do not go to play word games, popular and clear is the best and your profit model is how. I really can’t see

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