Taobao guest skills summary High Commission goods to pay attention to the things behind

Taobao passenger is still a lot of owners of the main income, so it is also a natural concern and attention of a topic. The Taobao site wants to get a good income, in addition to rely on stable traffic, high commission products, but also need to do some of their own station optimization, so the conversion rate can be improved. I do Taobao customers also have a period of time, and which also encountered a lot of problems, today put these sums up, hoping to let everyone benefit. Of course, this is also a superficial view, focusing on sharing.

first, you must have a picture to ensure that

beauty is not only a beautiful picture of the characters, but also includes some of the basic properties of the picture, such as clarity, display angle, background color, good color. As the saying goes, a good map is better than Taobao off as thousands and thousands of words, more so. This truth is very hard, obviously placed in that, but some owners do not pay enough attention, so wasted a lot of traffic. In fact, the picture needs to be noted that there are three points, first, as far as possible the reality of a single product, because the size is limited, so that buyers can see the goods at a glance, can directly stimulate his desire to buy. The two is a single background, clean and clear; the three is not to bring a watermark, watermark is very beautiful and visual impact;

second, the title as far as possible including selling points


title is a window, a lot of people browse articles is on the attractive title, this many webmaster also understand, but still can not write enough attractive title, when writing the title to include selling point, give the user the most eye-catching reminder, to the maximum extent stimulate the user’s desire to buy. In general Taobao customers, more lethal title is with "1 yuan, free of charge, sale, berserk,…" And so on, although sometimes we look numb, but for consumers, this is indeed attractive, but also attractive. Coupled with our choice is a high commission products, so it is necessary to write the title of the more beautiful.

third, product sales and evaluation

many users purchase products have a goods more than three habits, if we are good enough, but no one will buy it was whispered. And if there are a lot of sales, and the evaluation is very good, the business will be greatly increased sense of trust. In the choice of High Commission products, do not just look at the price, but also need to look at sales and evaluation, a perfect sales and a pertinent evaluation, the majority of users will be able to spike. This is very important in marketing, also known as the guidance of consumption.

fourth, reduce user retention time

fourth is to reduce the residence time of the user, users stay on our website last longer, the greater the possibility of closing, because their website even art well again, the page loading speed, and the real official or there is a gap, there is no "public opinion" influence, it’s easy to turn off.

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