nternet entrepreneurs think twice or think of doing

early in the morning, several people in the Department for a job I have had differences, the busy noisy. Some people think that the first thing to do is to set a clear goal, and then make a detailed planning and arrangement of the things, and then hold a meeting to discuss the specific implementation process.

some people think that time is not on, with the idea of the project without thinking too much, direct mount do on the line, and then continue to find improvement problems in the process of continuous progress, so as to win or lose.

is a small project within the company, it makes me think of another topic "Internet entrepreneurs think twice or just do it, I think this is a problem in front of all Chinese Internet entrepreneurs.

Chinese in the Internet industry, because people in advance ready for success, there are people for too long, lost the opportunity to become the history of the spectators; similarly, although some people lack of preparation but the shot in time to catch the wind, become flying pig. There are also some people who are too hasty to fail.

on these statements, there are too many cases to confirm. To m chat for example, then after it become fashionable for a time. December 23, 2010 m chat release; six months later, more than 4 million meters chat users. Lei Jun said at the time: if the opponent did not react, 6 meters after the chat will become king. At that time, Lei Jun believes that the Tencent to go through early demonstration and internal decision-making and later repeatedly change products to do this thing, even if they have 6 months after launch. But in fact, Tencent’s 2 months after the WeChat came out, and later did not hesitate to grab the rice chat rice bowl.

WeChat was born when a can be called a clown duck products, imitation rice chat traces serious, the user experience is bad, simple function. But because of fast enough, and the Tencent of hundreds of millions of QQ users good resource migration over, growing up, and constantly improve the improvement of micro channel products, now itself also ahead of other similar products.

now turn around and say what happened in our department, in fact, in my opinion, colleagues of the two views are correct, and both are wrong. The key is to see what the situation, what projects. In my opinion, the first thing I think about before I do something: if you fail, will you be able to bear the consequences of failure?. If you can afford it, then do not consider so much, do it as soon as possible. If you can’t afford it, you’ll have to plan it carefully.

I remember a few years ago I spent a lot of time studying stocks, and simulating the purchase of shares of Chinese companies listed in the United States for many years. That process, lost a lot of opportunities, because the light does not buy. I feel so old watch rose whiz without hands, too unwilling, I often make such a feeling "at that time if I put into the hundreds of thousands of Baidu, now a multimillionaire in emotion", wasted a lot of opportunities. Later decided to invest

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