Do Wangzhuan do first station program of common station

fourth lesson we talk about common to do the type of station. Especially in the first stage of the new foundation, you want to do Wangzhuan, terminal must first have a profit. This terminal will be put on your station, this station can be a blog (too much). The most important of their own domain name, space. Own management, can learn a lot of knowledge.

we often say static station, dynamic station, PHP station, ASP station, etc.. Or an old saying, don’t understand the concept, otherwise you spend long to study what is PHP, what is ASP. People already do not know what is


bus is used for corn Wangzhuan forum simple language to explain these type:

1 static station, we usually also called HEML or HTM station, direct static pages, of course, there are a lot of PHP program can generate HTML pages, it is convenient to search engines and content capture, read faster, the establishment of the first choice.

2.asp (first seen and most common), PHP (now mainstream), JSP (frequency of use)..

3 database is the ACCESS database (this is the most simple, most commonly used) are now upgraded to MYSQL (this high security)

4.ACCESS database procedures, ASP space can be uploaded to run, low security, low prices. SQL or MYSQL are required to purchase a separate database space, to configure the database, more trouble, security and faster reading speed. The price is expensive.

5 all the space is supported by HTML, ASP space can only run ASP and ACCESS database and HTML, but can not run PHP.

our common Wangzhuan advertising pages, most of them are HTML, the general choice of static space can be, cheap.

now the mainstream program, PHP+MYSQL database, such as our corn Bus Forum, is the use of DZ PHP+MYSQL procedures, as well as some acquisition procedures.

regular station, basically the use of SQL or MYSQL database, because the speed is fast, high safety factor.

Wangzhuan novice preferred: of course is to start from the most simple page advertising program. Static HTML page. This kind of direct download others modify the code on it. And cheap space.

please indicate: corn Wangzhuan forum


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