The little black brother QQ Lecture Two imitation webmaster to make money fast mode and copy the act

on the first phase of the operation of the mode of replication technology and two typical case analysis, today, the second phase of the model replication in-depth analysis and research.

the success of the Internet can be copied and copied, Tencent Inc is the best example, by virtue of their own advantages of QQ user groups, the successful imitation and copying a variety of Internet profit model. Therefore, the owners want to make money quickly, to make full use of the success of the network can be copied. Today the little black brother will guide you how to find profitable site, how to analyze the profit site, how to combine the advantages of their own copy and profit site.

1. How to find a profit site?

1 uses search engines.

Baidu or Google in the long term to do advertising site is generally profitable site.

some of the relatively high value of the key words, do a good job in a row in front of the site is generally profitable site.

2 view ubiquitous advertising.

network ubiquitous advertising, mail, forum, QQ group advertisement, everywhere they send the purpose of advertising is to make money, so treat these ads, we should try to point in, see what site they do, is how to profit, what value we study and research.

Advertisers in

3 advertising alliance.

to study some of the advertising advertisers, they are long-term investment advertising, most profitable, so many of those sites, how to profit, how to operate, and the combination of their own conditions to see if they are suitable for operation.

4 other ways.

1) some potential sites are introduced through friends.

believe that we all have their own circle of friends, in the process of mutual exchange of discussions, friends will introduce a certain website to make money, how to profit, this time you have to try to analyze and research.

2) some of the owners to show off their income.

there are always part of the webmaster in order to show off their ability, want to get someone else’s praise, will be in the QQ group or forums and other places drying their income. This time you have to catch the QQ, or QQ signature information for his website or make money, if he is not willing to tell you when the dynamic can through the search engine to search the people on the network, usually can find his site or make money, how about some high income Adsense money mining methods the black brother in the next article in-depth study.


soft Wen promotion more and more webmaster favorite, of course some of the more profitable website and project is no exception, so we usually look at the time, a lot of soft analysis appeared in the website, suggest Adsense to keep three learning attitude in look at the time.


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